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    By popular demand....8 oz bottle available with a sprayer top, for broad spectrum applications!

    This is it! The product that started it all! The original Mearicle Solution in the 8 oz bottle.

    As long eared hound owners for over 40 years, we've smelled enough funky ears to know when there is a problem.

    Having spent a lot of time and money in veterinarians offices, we have learned that there are three major causes of smelly ears or scratching:

    Bacterial Infection

    Fungal Infection

    Ear Mites

    When our hounds shake their heads, scratch, fling goo, or that smell starts, we know it is another infection.

    Countless trips, endless money and now, never ending costly refills, told us that enough was enough. We needed a solution that would dry the constantly wet ears, kill the microbes causing the infection, promote healing and be something ??...that we could afford!!!

    Mearicle Solution has done that. Our current hound, with 9 1/2 inch, wet running ears, is now happy, infection free, scratch free, goo free and smell free. He will even let us give him an ear doo!!

    Thanks to Mearicle Solution! But its not just for ears...!

    As a First Aid, keep a bottle of Mearicle Solution in the truck, or first aid kit. Use as a flush to clean, disinfect, and help prevent infection, in cuts, tears, abrasions, or wounds.

    Warning: Do not use on animals with perforated ear drums. If unsure, consult a Veterinarian.

    Please note: this product cannot be shipped to Hawaii.

    Warning: Do not use on animals with perforated ear drums. If unsure, consult a Veterinarian.

    Directions: Shake well before use. Flood ear canal. Massage base of ear. Allow dog to shake solution free. Repeat as often as necessary to encourage healing. Once healing has occurred, use as necessary to maintain healthy ears.

    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:
    Ellsinore mo.

    Coon dog owner

    I’ve been using this stuff for 10 years best I have ever seen for ears and sores and hot spots it will dry up hot spots quick

    Great Product!

    So far, I have used this on scrapes, an open wound on a paw, and itchy spots. It works fast. The open wound healed in four days. It has saved me a couple of visits to the vet.