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    Mearicle All Natural Wormer and Pesticide is the finely ground fossils of prehistoric, fresh water diatoms, a one celled algae that have a skeleton made of silica.

    Mearicle All Natural Wormer and Pesticide is used as a natural wormer/pesticide/food additive, that is totally organic, non-toxic and safe for use in, or on, ANY warm blooded animal.

    When used to treat internal parasites such as hookworm, whipworm, roundworm or tapeworm, Mearicle All Natural Wormer and Pesticide, removes the parasite by providing an environment which is harmful to an insect or parasite, but does not hurt your warm blooded animal. Because of the size of the granules of the Mearicle All Natural Wormer and Pesticide, they will pass safely through the digestive track of all warm blooded animals, removing the pests as it passes.

    As a pesticide, Mearicle All Natural Wormer and Pesticide can be used in, or around the home, yard, garden or kennel, to control pests such as fleas, ticks, lice, ants, flies, maggots, slugs aphids, and more...

    Our wormer products are sold by weight, not volume. Settling of product will occur during storage and shipping.
    Approximate total shipping weight of this product is 7 pounds.

    Wormer Directions:
    Feed once in directed amount.
    Check stool for worms/parasites within 24 hours.
    Collect and discard infected stool.
    Feed daily, in directed amount, for a minimum of 3-5 days or until stool is free of worms/parasites.

    Animal weight:
    100 lbs + -- 2 tablespoons
    50 - 100lbs --1 tablespoon
    16-50 lbs -- 1 teaspoon
    Under 15 lbs -- 1/2 teaspoon

    For daily maintenance to keep worm free and control fly infestation of stool, cut suggested dosage in half.

    Pesticide Directions: Sprinkle powder around kennels, in bedding, or rub into the fur of the warm blooded animal to control fleas, ticks, lice, mites or other pests. Can also be mixed in equal parts with sand and spread with spreader around yard. Can mix with water to spray where needed.
    Warning: Avoid inhalation of dust and keep away from eyes.
    Ingredients: Fresh Water Type Amorphous Silica--CODEX Grade