Dog Bloom XtraBloom Wate

Dog Bloom XtraBloom Wate
Dog Bloom XtraBloom Wate Supplement
Product Details
Dosage- 1 tsp per 25 lbs. body weight
4 oz = 44 tsp.
1 lb = 176 tsp
At times hard-working dogs need a little extra help when it comes to keeping meat on their bones. Some dogs are "hard" keepers, there motor always seems to be running, often anticipating the chase. Xtrabloom Wate is made of prime animal fat in a powder form. Use it on your good dogs food to get them to eat, especially right before and during hunting/trialing season.

Xtrabloom Wate is an excellent energy source. Good for under-weight dogs and finicky eaters. Can help some skin conditions. Helps bitches in whelp. Good for outside dogs in winter and as an extra energy source for dogs under extra pressure to perform.
The benefits to be expected with the use of this product are listed below:
• The choice animal fat in Xtrabloom Wate represents pure energy which can be highly beneficial in contesting and show dogs.
• It is very helpful to outside dogs in cold winter weather.
• Xtrabloom Wate is a great skin and coat conditioner.
• Highly beneficial in certain dry, flaky skin and coat conditions.
• Xtrabloom Wate is of great benefit to underweight dogs.
• Choice fat like Xtrabloom Wate is necessary for the absorption and movement of Vitamins A and D from the digestive tract into the blood stream.
• Improves palatability of feeds.
• Helps keep weight on bitches and queens during lactation.
• Helps increase flow and quality of milk in bitches and queens.
• Helps bitches and queens recycle faster for re breeding.
• Helps to have more pups and kittens born alive and a fast takeoff from birth if Xtrabloom Wate is fed during the last one-third of gestation.
• Promotes higher blood sugar levels in pups.
• Builds energy stores in young dogs.
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