Dog Bloom VM Supreme

Dog Bloom VM Supreme
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Dog Bloom VM Supreme Supplement
Product Details
Dosage- 1 tsp per 25 lbs. body weight
4 oz = 35 tsp
11 oz = 95 tsp
2 lb = 275 tsp
5 lb = 760 tsp
The highest level vitamin-mineral supplement for dogs especially formulated for high stress conditions.
Nothing like it anywhere!
Contains all 16 recognized vitamins at highly effective levels for heavy stress:
• Racing and heavy training.
• Hunting dogs.
• During pregnancy and lactation.
• Stud dogs.
• Heavy show schedules and exposure.
• Hyperactive dogs.
• During periods of illness, worm infestations, and worming.
• Puppies and growing dogs.
• Allergic Dogs
• Dry flaky skin & Poor Coat
This product can be safely used on any dogs or pups whether under stress or not!
96% success rate in relieving skin allergy symptoms and dry flaky skin!
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Dog Bloom VM Supreme

"Dog Bloom VM Supreme"

on 9/19/2013 8:24:38 PM

Write a review: My little yorkies love the cheese flavor and think it makes the meal more special. Their skin and hair have improved and have not had as much sinus or stomach issues.