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Shipping Information


Do you offer overnight, 2, or 3 day shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not.
Our Mearicle Solution Ear & Skin First Aid contains Isopropyl Alcohol in small amounts, but is still considered to be Flammable by shipping regulations. For this reason, any shipping method where the package has a chance of going on an airplane during shipment cannot be offered (Including USPS Priority Mail). This is true even if there is no Ear Solution on your order, as our website cannot currently differentiate between products ordered for shipping methods.

I have a P.O. Box, or live where FedEx and UPS won't deliver.
In this case, please choose "FedEx Smart Post" or "USPS Retail Ground" as your shipping option.
In the case of "Smart Post" FedEx will deliver the package to your local Post Office, who will then deliver it to you.

Why does your shipping seem so expensive?
Good Question!
Unfortunately, we can't get the shipping companies to tell us either! 
When you are in the checkout process on our website, our system communicates the package's weight/dimensions and your address to FedEx servers and retrieves the shipping rates directly from them.
What you pay for shipping is what we pay....WE DO NOT, AND WILL NOT EVER, MARK UP SHIPPING COSTS TO MAKE MONEY.

Do you ever offer free shipping specials?
Simply put, no.
It is impossible for a small business to offer "free" or "reduced rate" shipping unless they are charging too much for the product(s) you are purchasing.
We prefer to sell our products at a fair price, and let you pay the (no mark up) shipping.

Why does the "FedEx Smart Post" shipping take so long to get to me?
When you choose this shipping option, we process and deliver your package to FedEx. FedEx delivers the package to the U.S. Postal Service near you. It is then up to the USPS to sort and deliver the package to you from there, and it is treated as "Retail Ground" (their slowest package option)
While this is the least expensive shipping option, it is by far the slowest.

Is it possible to track my package?
If you chose "USPS Retail Ground", then no, tracking is not provided with that service.

If you chose FedEX or UPS, the tracking number for your package should be e-mailed to you when your package ships, however, we have been informed this is not always the case.
If you need your tracking number, please e-mail us, and we will respond with your tracking number.

What if I have other questions about shipping not answered here?
Feel free to e-mail us, or call us at 520-303-6980 or 520-234-3559